Water Repellent Caps

The disposable cap prevents any contamination derived from particles (for example, spittle, mucus, droplets) by not letting them in contact with the user’s body. They help to protect the user against exposure to the patient’s blood and/or body fluids or the work environment.

Protects the entire head area. Water repellent. Not sterile, but liable to be sterilized.

Comply with the standards EN12127 e EN 29073-3.

marcação CE - CE marking - clothe protect

Water Repellent Caps Models

toucas impermeáveis 2 - waterproof caps - clothe protect

Disposable Cap.

  • Ref.: CLOMEDTD045I00000/00-01
  • Material: 15 g/m² (Polypropylene)
  • Size Chart (cm):

diameter 25
opening heigth 13

  • Colors:

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